TERA Online – The Political System

TERA Online – The Political System

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Hi I’m Greg Leithen the PR manager for the UK here at frogster. This video is going to give everyone an overview of TERA‘s Political system, a huge part of TERA‘s end game. Now you might be thinking that politics is not cool well if you like money fame power and let’s face it who doesn’t than TERA‘s political system is gonna be far more interesting.


The vanics of the leader is terra but before you can run for office you need to create a guild. These are really important for your political campaign so make sure that who ever you recruit is loyal and will back you up. Once you have your guild you have to decide how you want to rize to power, you can choose either the battlegrounds or popular vote.

In the battlegrounds you and the best fighters from your guild will fight it out on the arena against other guilds and their valiant candidates. combat will be incredibly though so be prepaired for a huge battle here because the winner will be able to sit on the throne as the vanoc.

If you chose popular vote you and your guild will have to spread the word about your campaign. Players will want to know what you’ll be doing for them should you be succesfull. This beeing the 21st century you have a lot of tools at your disposal like facebook and twitter and manny others to charm fellow players into voting for you.

The rise to power is only half the battle. Your reign of power will determine if you become a player favorite or shand. You have the power to directly influence and change the lives of players in your provence by changing taxes, opening speciality shops, turning on teleporters, class trainers and much more.

It’s not all lollypops, puppy dogs and rainbow happiness thoug. To enact change in your provence you have to use vanoc points, and to earn those you and your guild have to complete vanoc quests. In these vanoc quests you have to take on some of the biggest beasts in TERA and earn your title in combat.

Tera‘s political system is designed for all those who are brave and cunning enough to separate themselves from the rest of the pack. Is that you? I guess you’ll find out in spring 2012.


"You'll find many things have changed, since my return."

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